Commercial Real Estate Wilmington NC Lender Services REOTurnstone Partners provides Lender Services to financial institutions with pre-foreclosure and real estate owned real estate services including receivership, broker price opinion, due diligence, disposition, and asset management. We recognize that skill and care are critical in resolving credit issues related to collateral and we maintain professionalism and diligence throughout the process. Often we, as a third party, can provide significant value to resolve issues and process the disposition of the underlying asset.

Our experience speaks for itself in providing dependable data to support decision making. When Special Service Officers need expert advice that they can trust they know they can turn to Turnstone Partners to provide accurate price information and professional disposition representation. We process ‘know your buyer’ documentation and state by state contract addendum with each sale, so that back and forth discussions are reduced and committee approvals are more efficient.

Contact Turnstone Partners to discuss our Lender Services and the services that we can provide to protect your collateral, manage your portfolio, or assist in varying workout situations.