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Turnstone Partners provides unparallelled Franchise Real Estate services.  A franchisor owns the overarching company, trademarks, and products, but gives the right to the franchisee to run the franchise location, in return for an agreed-upon fee.  Fast-food companies and other retailers are often franchised.  The franchisor allows an individual (known as the franchisee) to run a location of their business.  Turnstone represents those franchisees, in coordination with the franchisor, to provide the best opportunity to find that perfect location, consistent with the real estate criteria of the franchisor.

Commercial Real Estate Wilmington NC - Franchise-ServicesOur goal for providing real estate franchising services is to integrate our real estate perspective to complement the goals, objectives, processes and primary functions of the franchisors and franchisees that we represent.  This includes helping small and mid market retail and restaurant  franchisors and franchisees understand the factors that influence outperforming locations. Once we understand our client and our role, then we proceed with implementation focused around site selection for the market franchisee or corporate store and then manage the leasing, negotiation and space delivery process (Market Demographics, Competitor identification, Gap & Cannibalization Analysis, Space Survey, Document Preparation and Review,  etc.).

Our services are built to service individual businesses owners, corporate franchisors and their franchisees and the best part is we are paid by the Landlord.  Landlord’s hire brokers to lease their space and those brokers split their fees with us when our clients lease their space.

If you want to be successful in the franchising world, including operating a franchise, you need to build the right team and Turnstone Partners is a great team player.



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Commercial Real Estate Wilmington NC - Tenant Representation - Fuzzy PeachCommercial Real Estate - Wilmington NC - Fuzzy Peach Porters Neck



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Franchising Information: The Fuzzy Peach


Franchise locations represented by Turnstone Partners:

Wilmington, NC – University of Wilmington / Racine      loginCommercial Real Estate Wilmington NC Southport store

Wilmington, NC – Porters Neck      login

Wilmington, NC – Monkey Junction      login

Carolina Beach, NC      login

Leland, NC      login

Southport, NC      login

Hampstead, NC      login

Surf City, NC      login

Jacksonville, NC – Western Blvd (Opening Soon)      login


Real Estate Criteria:

1,400 – 1600 SF

Grocery Anchored Shopping Centers

5-Year Terms





Other Completed Assignments:

Capriottis Sandwich Shop:      Login

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Franchise locations represented by Turnstone Partners:

Wilmington, NC – Hanover Center      Login


Real Estate Criteria: